Live-work brings new opportunities for travel | Outpost

October 7th, 2020 | Julia Winterflood for TravelWeeklyAsia

Across the world more people than ever are working remotely, with Covid-19 cementing the remote work era. Global companies such as Siemens, Fujitsu, Facebook, and Twitter now have permanent remote work policies, while more and more companies are switching to distributed teams. As travel corridors open and border restrictions ease, how can the travel industry tap on this rapidly growing trend?

“Companies across the spectrum are switching to remote work, and this is not just a change for Covid, it’s a permanent change,” said David Abraham, co-founder of Outpost, a network of live-work social spaces focusing on the remote working community since 2016.

“When a whole new set of people are untethered from the office, they’re going to move,” he explained during the recent New Nomads: Enterprising Conversations on Coliving, Coworking & Startups webinar held by Delivering Asia Communications and C9 Hotelworks. “It’s no longer business and leisure, it’s now live/work/live/work. It’s a complete lifestyle. Therefore a new segment is ready to go.”

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