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Tell us about your nomad journey.

We quit our jobs and started traveling in October of last year. We both started consulting for our own marketing clients in Germany. We wanted the opportunity to create our own businesses and explore the world alongside that. 

How has Covid-19 impacted your travel plans?

We wanted to travel home for the German summer but our flights got cancelled, so we’re staying in Koh Phangan, Thailand for now until the situation calms down again. We’re using this time to create more than we consume and we’ll be starting our own German podcast (@nomad.escape.podcast) where we talk about our journey this April.

What memory stood out most to you? 

Driving with our scooter for 3 hours along the Mae Hong Son loop, packed with luggage on one of the craziest mountain pass roads. We were on our way to Pai in Thailand, and we remember by the time we were at our last kilometers it had gotten dark and really cold. 

When we finally arrived late evening, we found out our booked accommodation did not exist. Because it was so late in the evening everything was closed, we decided to talk to locals who ended up making some calls and knew where we would still have a chance to lay our heads that night. Word of advice: don’t be afraid to reach out to the local community, and don’t rely only on Google Maps or AirBnB, especially in remote areas. 

In the end, we ended up sharing a dorm with a pet turtle. 

Any tips for travelling nomads?

I have a very handy backpack that I use for luggage and when I arrive at my destination,  I can collapse it as a work pack or daypack. That’s been a definite win for my travels. I’ve switched back and forth between that and cabin luggage, but it’s a vicious cycle so I might as well stick with it and sort some things out. You should always find a balance between the ease of minimal luggage and comfort while you stay.

Favorite destination for remote work?

So far, probably Thailand, especially Chiang Mai. The professional community there, the endless cafes and coworking spaces to work from, blazing fast internet everywhere and fine cuisine are important to us. 

What are your plans after Covid-19?

Go back home to Germany, and prepare for what’s next. We’re in the early stages of planning and creating a space to travel in a campervan!


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